Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you blog??

I get asked this a lot.  Until now, the answer was no.  I guess I didn't know I was as interesting as I am.  :P

A little about me.  I'm 32, married for almost 4 years, and have 4 wonderful children ages 11, 8, 7, and 10 months.  We also have quite the herd of critters that we love.  A GSD named Rocky, a Rough Coat Collie named Jinny, a Goffin Cockatoo named Rudy, a Flemish Giant rabbit named Maci, 6 baby chicks, and on Saturday we will be adding a French Angora rabbit named Tricot to our home.  The hopes for Tricot is to brush/shear  him and spin the fibers into yarn.  I'm an avid knitter, so spinning naturally seems like the next crunchy step, yes?

By trade I am a birth doula and placenta encapsulator.  I am currently on maternity leave from my doula work, but am slowly sticking my toes back in.  I am the only person in a several hour radius that does placenta encapsulation, and the only person currently in my state offering the service to others.

Our three big kids are all homeschooled.  We didn't always homeschool, we just started this year.  It has been an adventure for sure!!  With a new baby, things are usually hectic, but we manage.  It has definitely brought the kids and I closer together.  I have learned my children are much smarter than I ever gave them credit for, and they have learned that no matter what, Mom is never going to give up on them.  I'll call it a win so far.

I am addicted to learning new things and taking on new projects.  Seriously.  If you notice there's something I haven't tried, mention it.  So far my bucket list is:
*Learn how to make soap
*Learn how to garden
*Learn how to woodwork (I learned some in jr high, but let's face it, that was a long time ago. lol)
*Finish my natural health course
*Learn how to tat.  The string craft, not the ink in the skin craft.

I currently:
*Sew (Kind of.)
*Make my own natural cleaners
*Raise critters
*Make my own yogurt
*Brew kombucha

Have something you think I should try?  Holla!!

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